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Looking for Lenin

The eerie beauty of Ukraine's Lenin statues, toppled in the name of decommunization. In the process of decommunisation, Ukraine has toppled all its Lenin monuments....

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J.F. Pointon, F.E. Walton Fundamental Texts of the Marx Engels Lenin Institute

Basic Principles of the Marx Engels Lenin Institute Tasks of the Revolutionary Socialist Movement Worker-Community Organizations and the Duty of Cadres to Teach-Learn The Need for a Tactical Pedagogy Program of Socialist Pan-Americanism Oppose, Combat!

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Max Klim Who is Lenin or the father of world communism. All about life of V. I. Lenin

Vladimir Lenin is the great leader of the working people of the whole world, who is considered the most outstanding politician in world history, who created the first socialist state. The Russian communist philosopher-theoretician, who continued the work of Marx and Engels, whose activity was widely deployed in the early 20th century, is still of interest to the public today, as its historical role is not only significant for Russia, but for the whole world. Lenin’s activities have both…

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V. I. Lenin What Is to Be Done? .Burning Questions of Our Movement.

Книга "What Is to Be Done? [Burning Questions of Our Movement]".2013 Reprint of 1929 Edition. Full facsimile of the original edition, not reproduced with Optical Recognition Software. In "What Is to Be Done?", Lenin argues that the working class will not spontaneously become political simply by fighting economic battles with employers over wages, working hours and the like. To convert the working class to Marxism, Lenin insists that Marxists should form a political party, or "vanguard", of dedicated revolutionaries to spread Marxist political ideas among the workers. The pamphlet partly precipitated the split of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party (RSDLP) between Lenin's Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks and is perhaps the hallmark of Leninism.

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Lenin on the Train

In April 1917, as the Russian Tsar Nicholas II’s abdication sent shockwaves across war-torn Europe, the future leader of the Bolshevik revolution Vladimir Lenin was far away, exiled in Zurich. When the news reached him, Lenin immediately resolved to return to Petrograd and lead the revolt. But to get there, he would have to cross Germany, which meant accepting help from the deadliest of Russia’s adversaries. Millions of Russians at home were suffering as a result of German aggression, and to accept German aid - or even safe passage - would be to betray his homeland. Germany, for its part, saw an opportunity to further destabilize Russia by allowing Lenin and his small group of revolutionaries to return.

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Vladimir Ilich Lenin Imperialism the Highest Stage of Capitalism

2011 Reprint of 1939 Edition. Full facsimile of the original edition, not reproduced with Optical Recognition Software. "Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism", by Lenin, describes the function of financial capital in generating profits from imperial colonialism, as the final stage of capitalist development to ensure greater profits. The essay is a synthesis of Lenin's modifications and developments of economic theories that Karl Marx formulated in "Das Kapital". Lenin's book greatly influenced the Core-Periphery model of global capitalist development, as well as World-systems theory and Dependency theory.

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Vladlen Loginov Vladimir Lenin. How to Become a Leader

In his book Lenin: How to Become a Leader, Vladlen Loginov, one of Russia's leading authorities on Vladimir Lenin, discusses the revolutionary leader’s early years, his family, his political awakening and subsequent activities.He reveals the beginnings of the creator of the world’s first socialist country, as well as the source of the future statesman's incredible willpower, his ability to influence people, his drive to succeed and his leadership qualities. All of these, the book demonstrates, were intrinsic to Lenin's character from a young age.In his research, Loginov uses new sources and previously unknown documents and memoirs, as well as archives of Russians in exile.Translated​ from the Russian by Lewis White.Edited and introduced by Professor Geoffrey Swain.Publishers Maxim Hodak & Max Mendor.

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huij 005711 Chinese China Folk Culture Handmade Brass Bronze Statue Marx and Lenin Sculpture

7'' Soviet Leader Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov Lenin Bust Bronze Statue

W.I. Lenin. Biographie

С содержанием книги вы можете ознакомиться на дополнительном изображении.

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Antoni Ferdynand Ossendowski Iskry spod młota. Tom 2. Lenin

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